Is your big toe bringing you down?

Don’t let that bump cramp your style.

With some extra measures, you can stay active with bunions, really—you can.

I admit that I never wear high heels and always treat my ankles as my most prized possessions. One slip and their goes my sporting activities for a while.

I had been suffering from pain caused by bunions on my feet for as long as I can remember; But in November 2004, I had surgery on my right foot. The procedure entailed breaking a bone in my foot to correct the bone structure.

The slow road to recovery

For 10 years I moved around playing tennis and tenpin bowling but one day I felt a pricking sensation under my foot.

For five painful weeks I had to hobble along on crutches in the house and to the office.

Frustration set in as I could not play sports or move around freely and I did not know what the cause was.

Initially my dad thought it was a nail that had entered my foot through the bottom of my shoe, but I would have felt that. In the 4th week I had decided to get X-Rays which clearly showed a 3cm thin long nail lodged in the soft tissue arch under my foot.

I did not have medical aid at the time and to wait for six hours at the trauma unit for the nurses and doctors on call to attend to me.

After receiving an njection to numb the area on the arch of my foot, the doctor made a 1cm incision and pulled the nail out. I hardly felt anything and went home with 1 stitch and a foot bandaged up for safe keeping.

After a week, the stitch was removed and I began to walk freely again, without any crutches.

For my effort and comfort, I invested in a pair of custom-made orthotic insoles which I wear with my casual shoes and takkies. I love my crocs but its not a good pair of shoes for those with flat feet.